Nelly Bozzoli

Me in 2016

Welcome to the Blue Tanis website. My name is Nelly Bozzoli and I live together with my daughter Deepti, my husband Corneliu and my beloved cats.

I owned my first Norvegian Forest Cat in 1985, have been breeding and showing these wonderful cats since 1987 and was very actively involved in the development of the breed on the last 3 decades.

Nowadays my activity as breeder as slowed down a little, but I still regularly participate in FIFe shows and have one or two litters per year.

I am also involved in show organization since I am the President of the clube where I am currently member, the SFT Società Felina Ticinese.

My female cats live in the house and outside in the catrun, which is big enough for them to climb a little and have a run in the grass.

The male cats live mostly outdoors in the cat runs, where they live a happy life and without the risk of an unwanted matting. And for the winter, they have heated wood houses inside the catruns.

They have a very varied diet and plenty of stimulation in order to make them have the best quality of life possible, something that is very important for every cat, especially breeding cats.

EC Nirvana Blue Tanis, JW

Nirvana and me on the World Winner 2005

Over the years my cats have achieved some very good results in FIFe shows, being the most important of them in the FIFe World Show that took place in Biella (Italy) on 13 of November 2005, where my white girl Nirvana Blue Tanis has become World Winner 2005. Since then she has also achieved the Junior Winner (JW) and Supreme Champion (SC) titles

I currently have cats from my cattery in breeders all over the world and it is always very interesting to see how my cats have contributed to the development of the breed over this last thirty years. It never ceases to surprise me when I find one of my old cats in the fourth, fifth or even older generations of the younger cats.

My goal is the same like every other breeders goal: breed and show healthy cats, with good quality and with as nice temper as possible.

Look, profile, temperament, health and size are the key words for the Norwegian Forest Cat, so I try to have all my cats with a lovely look, correct profile, sweet temperament, good health and large size.These are the things I am more focused in.

We live in a very nice house with external garden in Maggia, a lovely town in a valley in the south of Switzerland. We are very close to Italy and we speak Italian. Have a look at some pictures of Maggia and Maggia valley on Google, it really is a beautiful region. You can reach our place by car in less than 2 hours from Zürich, 3 hours from Bern and 1 hour from Milano.


My house cat Tanis in 1984

My activities are:

  • Taking care of my family and animals
  • Reading a lot, music and gardening
  • Traveling around the world with my backpack
  • Sharing culture, travel adventures and ideas with other people
  • Ceramics and pottery

If you are curious about how our cattery name was born, it is actually a quite simple story. This house cat is Tanis, she was my first cat ever, together with another black cat named Banshee. Tanis was a blue cat and I loved her so much that I called my cattery “Blue Tanis”, as you can see it is a very simple story. The picture here is from 1984, before I even had my first Norwegian Forest Cat.